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For empaths, modern mystics and awakening souls.

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Free Quick Reference Chakra Guide

A quick guide to reference when working with your chakras. Where they are, what they do, & how to know they're balanced.
Plus affirmations for each one!

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Meet the Creator

Hello, I'm Sara

Thank you for being here! Bloom and Manifest is a space where empaths, spiritual entrepreneurs and curious, awakening souls can come for guidance. After navigating the experience of 2020, I know so many of us have come to re-evaluate what is important in life and perhaps re-assess who we want to be. Allow myself and this vision, Bloom & Manifest, to be a place you can come to find connection and support in your expansion. We'll focus on the healing journey and how to step into your true and best self so that you can live joyfully and abundantly.

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Quote of The Month

To change your life, you must spark your soul awake so that the passion for your dreams may spread like the wildfire that you are.

-Chiara Mazzucco

Identify Blocks & Step into Your True Self

Determine what's blocking you from up-leveling in life with these 44 Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Blocked or Disconnected from Your True Self.

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